Graphic Glass FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Graphic Glass Product Range

What is the difference between Low Iron glass and Clear Float glass?

Low Iron glass is the most optically clear glass available. This means that any colour is achievable. Clear glass has a green tint to it due to the higher content of iron, therefore only certain colours can be achieved using clear glass.

What surfaces and what conditions do the walls need to be in for the glass to be installed?

The glass can be installed over almost any surface eg, brick, existing tiles, plasterboard, fibreboard, MDF etc. The wall needs to be reasonably level and free of any protrusions.

What needs to be completed for the kitchen splashback to be measured?

The Kitchen or Bathroom needs to be COMPLETELY FINISHED including all fittings eg, power points, range hoods, taps, all cabinetry, architraves, stoves, etc before the kitchen splashback can be measured.

What is the lead-time from measure to installation?

The lead-time is about a fortnight (and subject to average work loads) from the date the contract is signed after the check measure is completed.

Is glass an easy clean surface?

Yes, it all our glass products, including our kitchen splashbacks, are easy to wipe with any non-abrasive cleaner and together with the use of a high-performance cloth it will leave it free of any stripes or fingerprints.

What colours are available?

Graphic Glass has an unlimited colour range, as it is able to match most colours from Wattyl, Benjamin Moore, British Paints, Trends, Resene, Dulux, and Aalto and Taubmans

What can we do to prepare walls for a glass cladding?

Try to move switches out the area as cutting into glass can become costly. If they are inevitable than have them joined as one hole cost less than two. Also make sure that they are at least 75mm from any edge of the glass this for the toughening process.

Is the glass safe for all areas?

Yes, "Graphic Glass" is safe and is suited to most conditions such as heat and moist as it meets International Standards.

What are the advantages of using the colour coated glass over that of normal clear glass?

No dirt can come in between the colour coating and the glass, The glass can be sealed into place and stops fluids leaking in situations were it may occur.

Images on Glass

Can I use a picture that I've taken on my digital camera?

Yes, provided it's a hi-resolution shot and taken on a tripod. Even the steadiest hand will usually show some sort of blurring in the detail of images if a tripod has not been used. If you're unsure whether a shot is high-resolution enough, please talk to us at Graphic Glass and we can evaluate your image.

Do you have access to a library of high-quality images?

Yes, talk to us and we can point you in the right direction.