Kitchen Splashbacks


Brighten your kitchen and create a feeling of space with glass splashbacks from Graphic Glass. We can print any design, pattern, colour and image onto a glass splashback and bring your vision to life. Create the kitchen of your dreams.

Why Choose A Glass Splashback For Your Kitchen:

  • The smooth surface on the kitchen splashback makes cleaning very easy. 
  • A glass splashback changes the look of a kitchen as its reflective properties lighten the area and make it appear more spacious.
  • You can add your own unique spin with a design printed on the splashback.

Glass Splashback Colours

Kitchen splashback glass can be colour-coated in the colour of your choice. We can match any colour from the chart of any paint system. A translucent tint of the colour chosen for the splashback can be used for glass cupboard doors.

Glass Splashback Types

You have the option of choosing between Clear Float and Low Iron glass. Clear Float glass has a slight green tint and Low Iron is a crystal clear glass. See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

You can also choose between a patterned or slumped glass. To enhance the texture of patterned glass, a metallic or pearlescent colour can be applied to the back of the glass.

For installation requirements and the type of glass which is most suitable for you, see our specifications page.

A note about Splashbacks and Gas hobs

Where a Splashback is used near a Gas stove top, heat resistant Triton board may be required.
By regulation this is when the edge of the hob is less than 200mm to the Splashback
or the splashback does not cover more than 150mm out from the left and right edges of the hob.


Are you thinking about a new splashback for your kitchen?

We would love to hear about your project. Get in touch on 033431044 we can view samples of your cabinets from the joiner, or take a shot of the kitchen on your phone so we can take a quick peek and discuss your options.