Exterior Glass Spandrels

Exterior cladding with Graphic Glass spandrels provides the most elegant and eye-catching architectural solution for both new and renovated buildings.

Advantages of Glass Spandrels

  • Adds a stylish and distinctive finish to any architectural design
  • Can match or contrast vision panels in an all glass facade
  • Available in any colour imaginable
  • Extremely eye catching when backlighting is applied
  • Can be used to hide structural elements and other building components
  • The coating is impervious to UV radiation and weathering

About Graphic Glass Spandrels

Spandrels usually come in 6 mm toughened clear float with a minimum size of 300x150 mm and maximum size of 2980 x 1200 mm. Glass balustrades can be matched to the spandrels in opaque or translucent glass. An important benefit of colour-coated products for spandrel applications is the greater durability in comparison with other methods of spandrel glazing.

Our architectural glass systems offer excellent tempered glass quality, high throughput, long-term reliability and modular flexibility to adapt and expand as needs change. Production capabilities are available for glass 2.8mm - 19mm (.110" - 3/4") thick and widths up to 2440mm (96").

See our specifications page for more details.